Karry Lee

Usual Suspects

In the movie, Verbal weaves a fabricated story for the police, treating it like a game, while concealing his true intentions. Using the ace playing card as a metaphor for Verbal, the card is known as the "death card" and can be perceived as the weakest or strongest depending on the game. Playing cards frequently involve strategy and misdirection - both elements Verbal employs in his story. The use of red string, typically seen in police investigations, builds tension and foreshadows the misdirection to come. Verbal's alias, "the devil", is similarly associated with misfortune and death. The intricate weaving of the strings mirrors the complexity of Verbal's lies, leading up to the final reveal.

Style Frames


I rented a 100mm macro lens and made my laundry room into a makeshift photo studio.

I made the playing card from plywood, nails, and variations of string. Though the string in the sequence looks consistent, I discovered I had to use yarn as well to get more texture.