Karry Lee

Imitation Game

At the end of the movie, Alan Turing and his team are burdened with the task of deciding who lives and dies in the war. We used light as our character to represent choice. We used objects people often choose between, starting from their childhood to adulthood. As we get older, our choices can have more devastating outcomes and can influence other peoples lives on a mass scale. We ended the sequence with a scale to show how choices, big or small, have an impact and there is a constant struggle to balance morality. 

Style Frames
Partner: Ewan Lee


My partner and I communicated daily on Miro, sending updates and references to make sure our models and compositing looked consistent. We had a lot of fun including a lot of hints and metaphors for the movie through light, backgrounds, and shadows.

We made sure we had interesting compositions throughout that ended on a low angle shot to show the severity of the final decision.

We wanted the typography to feel like it was in the same physical space as the scene by having the light effect it as well.